First Post

I set this up a while back, but had some access issues and haven’t written a post until now. When I feel the need to write something in a total anonymous fashion I will be doing so starting today.

I am a US citizen, in my mid 50s and work in financial services. I have been in the industry for 30 years, most of it with one company, though there were several mergers and name changes through the years. After the last merger, I found the new company impossible to work for and took early retirement in the summer of 2014, knowing another company was interested in hiring me on in the near future. I took a position there 3 months later, worked in a position that I was over qualified for until recently and now have been recently promoted to the type of job and salary level that I worked at previously. I start next Monday.

I am an unabashed political conservative and I suspect I will be writing some pointed political posts as times goes on. Its my opinions and thoughts and whether someone agrees or disagrees, I don’t really care.

I am a Type A self driven personality and I have no tolerance for low motivated and/or just out and out lazy unambitious people. I also believe people are responsible for themselves, so do not ask me to help someone who is not willing to help themselves or to give to charities.

I am also very analytical. Deductive reasoning and careful consideration of all factors are how I work, not on emotions.

When I am not working, my passions are weightlifting/bodybuilding and Fantasy Sports. I train with weights 4 to 5 days a week and monitor my nutrition on  daily basis.

I have been playing Fantasy Football since 2009 and Fantasy Baseball the last 2 years, with year 3 beginning in about 6 weeks.  My goal every year has been to win at least one championship and I have achieved that in every year except the first.I signed up again today in a Baseball league that I played in last year. This was a random league that I joined last year in which most of the guys knew each other. I think they worked in the same plant in Ohio. It was a competitive but also very fun league to play in and we could have fun and josh each other without people taking things too seriously. I also formed my own league today and hope that 7 other people sign up between now and the draft at the end of March. I was in 4 leagues last year, but hope to discipline myself to only 3 this time. My new job will take more time including possibly some work at home on weekends, so I have to be careful not to overextend myself.

So there is my first entry. Expect to be back soon.













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